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Fontainebleau font bloc top secret E/F Jingo Wobbly | 9781873665237

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This is the perfect guidebook for those who know Fontainebleau already and are looking for the quieter and more secret spots. Vol 1. covers the main central sections of popular places such as Bas Cuvier . In this book, all of the outlying areas are covered, such as Cuvier Ouest, Nord, Rempart, Merveille, Monts and Reconnaisance. Essentially the book overlaps Fun Bloc with all the areas that are farther to walk from the car parks. All of the 49 areas to the left are covered in detail, with over 9000 problems. CIRCUITS - ALL LEVELS This book also covers circuits, and includes 136 circuits not in Fun Bloc, and range all across the grades: 60 Orange and yellow, 45 blue, 20 red, and 10 black. No matter what your level is, there really are some superb quiet circuits in this book, and most have very little polish. Because the circuits in this book are on outlying areas, the boulders are more spread out, so a more portable crash pad set up is advised. We also include a double page spread with a chart of the classic 12 styles of Fontainebleau problems - slabs to roofs, and all the classic problems in each grade to tick. These are all included within the 2 volumes. SUMMER OR WINTER This book is very useful in a hot summer or cool dry winter. Many of the quiet areas have good tree cover and consequently offer excellent shade during hot summer periods. In winter with no leaves, the areas also dry quickly to give some superb climbing. In autumn or spring, the leaves if wet can hold the damp in the sectors, so they are not always the best choice if it has been particularly damp. PROBLEM IDENTIFYING We use a powerful combination of maps and circuit diagrams, and the same design as FUN BLOC, with literally over 1000 photo topos. These are especially helpful with the quieter areas, where you are literally on your own. Problems are also given a letter to show the type of problem it is P=Pillar, A=Angle, c=compression. Also many of the problems are given a (crash pad and spotter rating), so before trekking off into the deep woods, you know in advance how many pads and spotters to take along. Very handy if you are bouldering on your own and don't want to waste time visiting a problem that would be highly dangerous with only one pad. Colour dots on the boulders mark the problems, with dots outside the boulders illustrating sit starts. OTHER JINGO WOBBLY GUIDEBOOKS We have also published the classic title FONTAINEBLEAU MAGIQUE, which includes 50 selected mid grade circuits as a bouldering competition. 25 of these are in very quiet and tranquil areas so it is popular for those getting away from the crowds. It is now out of print, but is still a collectors item, and the circuits in it are all time classics. TRAVEL & CAMPING All of the useful campsites in the area are illustrated on the maps, along with details of facilities. Wild camping in the forest is not allowed, so please do not use the car parks as a campground.


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Jingo Wobbly
Jingo Wobbly Publishing
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