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Bad Wildbad - Freudenstadt - Heckengäu - Karlsruhe - Offenburg - Pforzheim The Black Forest is Germany's largest low mountain range and is located in Baden-Württemberg. It rises steeply from the Upper Rhine Graben in the west and extends to the Kraichgau in the north. In the south it is bordered by the High Rhine and in the east it merges into Gäu and Baar. Its length from north to south is around 160 kilometers and the width is between 30 and 50 kilometers. The typical Black Forest cultural landscape with its alternation between extensive, near-natural forests and open meadows and pastures characterize the landscape in the Black Forest Central/North Nature Park. Embedded in this landscape are valuable habitats for endangered animal and plant species such as B. ice-age cirque lakes, moors and moor forests, Grinden as well as damp and wet meadows. In addition to adders, for example, the three-toed woodpecker, Pygmy owl and, of course, the characteristic bird of the Black Forest, the capercaillie, their home in the nature park. In the west and east border the nature park Rhine and Neckar. In the north it extends almost to the cities of Karlsruhe and Pforzheim, the southern border is formed by the Kinzig valley. In terms of climate, the Black Forest Central/North Nature Park on its western flank is almost Mediterranean in the Baden wine-growing regions and almost Scandinavian on the Hornisgrinde, the highest elevation in the northern Black Forest at 1,164 meters. The Black Forest Central/North Nature Park, founded in 2000, is the largest nature park in Germany at 375,000 hectares. The cycle paths in the Black Forest are as varied as the landscape. Cycling and hiking are hot topics throughout the region. The cycle paths are consistently well signposted and developed. All tours have good train connections and a well-developed infrastructure. A few examples: The Tour de Murg leads through the lovely Murg Valley from Rastatt to Freudenstadt, where the Kinzig Valley Cycle Path joins and shows you the popular holiday region along the Kinzig River between Freudenstadt and Offenburg in the Rhine valley. On the Enztal cycle path you will learn about the history of rafting and the rafting trade from the source of the Enz to the Neckar. The Nagoldtal cycle path begins at the source of Nagold near Besenfeld and ends in Pforzheim in the Enztal cycle path. The Black Forest Panorama Cycle Path runs from north to south over the most beautiful heights of the Black Forest. The Black Forest Central/North Nature Park Cycle Path is a 265 km long circular route through the nature park of the same name. Cycle paths and routes with information about surface and traffic density. Selected street names. Precise gradient and distance information. Selection of the most important tourist information. Waterproof and tear-resistant paper. Thoroughly researched and permanently updated. With the cartographic route information you can start your trip confidently, because all the necessary information is already compiled for you: road surface (paved or unpaved), traffic density, hill slopes, distance information tourist infrastructure such as inns and lodging establishments, as well as the cultural and scenic attractions of the region.


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