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Aschaffenburg - Bensheim - Darmstadt - Main - Michelstadt - Miltenberg The name Odenwald probably derives from the word Odins (forest), but the connection with the word Odem for breath is also mentioned. The densely wooded low mountain range lies between the Main in the east, the Kraichgau in the south, the Upper Rhine Plain in the west and the Rheintalgraben near Darmstadt in the north. The part that lies south of the Neckar is called the "Small Odenwald". The highest elevation is the "Katzenbuckel" at 626 meters above sea level. The Odenwald consists mainly of mixed forest. Beech, spruce, pine and oak are the main tree species. In parts of the Odenwald you can also find meadow orchards. The first evidence of settlements was found in the Neckar valley. The Odenwald has many facets to offer. The silence in the woods, the grandiose views, the lush fauna and flora and the fresh air have been attracting those seeking relaxation for decades. In recent years, a tourist offer has developed that is second to none. The amateur geologist will join one of the many guided tours offered by trained guides; those interested in culture can visit the castles, museums and palaces; hikers will find well-developed hiking trails and swimmers will find idyllic outdoor pools and several indoor pools. The inhabitants of the region are careful to preserve customs and originality. An experience are the numerous folk festivals in summer, where you can get to know the people and taste culinary delicacies. Countless sagas, stories and legends are entwined around the Odenwald. This includes u. the Nibelungenlied, because the dragon slayer Siegfried is said to have been murdered in the Odenwald by Hagen. Historical Miltenberg, the sights of Aschaffenburg and the cultural offerings in the city of Frankfurt are located on the Main, which separates the Odenwald and Spessart. As a cyclist, the best way to experience the Odenwald is on the 3-country cycle path. The tourism offices in the Odenwald have thus developed a circuit that connects the states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse and thus covers the entire low mountain range. If you would like to ride the Main Cycle Path in the direction of the mouth of the Rhine, it will take you north between the hills of the Spessart mainland and you will slowly leave the scenic meanders of the Main Valley behind you and get closer and closer to modern civilization. Cycle paths and routes with information about surface and traffic density. Selected street names. Precise gradient and distance information. Selection of the most important tourist information. Waterproof and tear-resistant paper. Thoroughly researched and permanently updated. With the cartographic route information you can start your trip confidently, because all the necessary information is already compiled for you: road surface (paved or unpaved), traffic density, hill slopes, distance information tourist infrastructure such as inns and lodging establishments, as well as the cultural and scenic attractions of the region.


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