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Altes Land – Buxtehude – Elmshorn – Glückstadt – Stade With this bikeline® cycle tour map, you have a map specially developed for cyclists in your hands. The map is created on a scale of 1:60,000, i.e. 1 centimeter on the map corresponds to 600 meters in nature. This size of the scale gives a good overview of the selected region and also enables an accurate cartographic representation in detail. This level of detail is of particular importance for a cycle tour map in order to achieve the best possible orientation in the area. The topographical basis is very clearly laid out and the color intensity is slightly reduced. As a result, the wheel information is highlighted particularly well. The map concept We have researched a dense network of cycle routes and cycle paths for you, which will enable you to experience the chosen region intensively by bike. In addition to the most important long-distance cycle paths, numerous additional long-distance connections are marked on the map, resulting in a balanced main route network. The main route network is also consolidated by a sensibly selected secondary route network. This combination of main and side routes makes it possible to discover a region on day or multi-day tours or to cross the area on a longer bike tour on pleasantly rideable paths. In addition to the detailed topographical map, the cycle map also contains lots of other helpful information. The legend explains all the information contained in the map very clearly: bike information, tourist information, topographical information and the indication of scale with scale bar. City and local maps of the more important and larger cities and towns in the region make orientation easier when passing through and when visiting sights. The system of the bikeline® maps distinguishes the type of routes according to the color of the lines (bike path/main route/secondary route) and the road surface according to the type of line (continuous/dashed/short dashed). With the solid line, you can expect paved, quiet roads and paths. Once the line is broken (dashed), the ground is unpaved (varies from gravel and gravel paths to forest and field paths with earth ground). Traffic: If the signature is punctured, This street has a higher volume of traffic. Here we differentiate between two categories: If the dotting runs on a white road, then you have to reckon with a moderate volume of traffic; However, if the road is also highlighted in yellow, then the volume of traffic is high to very high. The map content With the cartographic route information, you can start your journey carefree, because we have already compiled the necessary information for you: Floor covering (asphalted or unpaved), traffic volume, gradients, mileage, tourist infrastructure such as inns and overnight accommodation as well as the cultural and scenic sights of the Region.


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